How I Get My Favorite Magazines FREE

I admit it.  I am a magazine junky.  I’ve always loved their glossy pages, quick bits of advice, and inspiration that they offer.  What I don’t love about them is the price…a magazine grabbed at the last minute in the checkout aisle can cost around $5!

That adds up fast, and if you are like me, you might save a few particularly helpful or inspiring articles, but the rest gets passed on or chucked in the recycling bin.

Free Magazines

We are also working our way out of a mountain of debt, and I am well aware of how $5 here and $5 there can work better if it is applied towards my student loans rather than a small pleasure.  But I also don’t want to give up all of my little pleasures in life, so I found a great way to get some of my favorite magazines completely free!

I can tell I have your attention now.  We all love FREE, right?!

Here it is, ya’ll…Recyclebank!

This is a great rewards website that gives you points for learning about all things recycling.  In some places, you even get points simply for recycling from home!  That isn’t available where I live (yet), but I have learned so much about greening my habits from their site.

They have articles on everything green, from recycling basics to craft upcycling how-tos.  Most of their articles are quick reads, and many are in slideshow form.  The points add up fast, and only about 300 points are needed for an annual subscription to Better Homes and Gardens (others are a little more or a little less).

That means I have some happy mail to look forward to every month, and it is made even happier since I earned it by learning about how to be a more responsible recycler!

Of course, I make sure the magazines get reused by passing them on to someone else who will read them and recycling them when we are done.

Fun Mail Free

And, here is another little secret…

Recyclebank sometimes runs promos on magazines, cutting the cost to only half the points!  You have to watch your email closely for these and pounce as soon as you see them because these offers are limited and go quickly.  I always try to have at least 200 points in my account so that I’m ready when I see one of these promos.

You can use your points for many other rewards on the site, too, and even use them as entries into contests for things like Amazon gift cards or Nest thermostats.  I find the magazines subscriptions the best value, and if you aren’t a magazine reader yourself, you can always use your points to give a gift subscription.  It’s a smart way to give a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift…for free!

Do you have any rewards programs you like?  Please tell me about them!


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