5 Fast, Healthy Breakfasts

Mmmmm, breakfast.  I love it.  I have it for dinner, as often as I can.  Of course, then I usually have time to make something that takes a little longer.

In the morning, I’m trying to get out the door, feed the kids, and make sure I have coffee.  Mmmmmm, coffee….

We’ve all heard how important eating breakfast is for maintaining a healthy weight.  It’s also super important so that my kids can focus on whatever they are going to do in the morning without being distracted by a rumbling tummy.  They get hangry, people.  For that matter, I do too!


That’s why I have a few easy breakfasts up my sleeve.  None of these take more than 10 minutes to prepare, and all of them are delicious and approved by my husband and kiddos.

  1. Monkey Salad.  This is as easy as it gets–no cooking involved at all!  I initially came across this when I did the Whole 30, but after my Whole 30 was over, I found I like the addition of some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, or even a splash of buttermilk if you like it a little tangy.  It’s also really, really yummy with macadamia nuts.  I think these are a bit of a splurge, so it definitely makes monkey salad more of a breakfast treat!
  2. Yogurt and Fruit.  Ok, this isn’t really even a recipe, but we usually have it once a week because it is quick, easy, no-cook, and healthy.  Be careful to check how much sugar is in your yogurt–many brands (even organic ones) contain as much sugar per serving as a candy bar!  I let my kids know in advance that they will only get one bowl of yogurt so they don’t scarf down an entire tub of the stuff (I’m not exaggerating. They could eat the entire 32 oz tub if I left them alone with it).  I usually eat plain Greek yogurt with a little honey on top of mine, and I cut their vanilla yogurt with the plain Greek yogurt to cut sugar.  Add seasonal fresh berries, frozen berries, or a banana, and we are one happy family.
  3. Muffins.  Admittedly, these take a little more work, but if you make them on a Sunday morning, you can eat some then and some while you are rushing out the door on Monday.  You can also make a big batch and pop them in the freezer to pull out on a hectic morning.  They take just a few minutes in the oven to thaw and warm, or you can eat them cold (but thawed, please.  Eating a frozen muffin sounds unappetizing and like a dental hazard).
  4. Eggs, toast, and fruit or veggies.  This has a little cooking involved, but not much.  To get everybody’s eggs on the table at the same time, opt for an egg scramble.  I like to toss a few chopped veggies into the pan to saute before adding the eggs.  If you have some chopped veggies on hand in the fridge already, this is a huge time saver!
  5. Oatmeal.  I use regular, old-fashioned oatmeal that cooks on the stovetop, because this really doesn’t take that long to cook. If you really prefer instant, you can save money and time by preparing your own instant oatmeal packets.  Just Google how to do that–there are recipes for just about any flavor you like. We add tons of stuff to our oatmeal at the table…maple syrup (or brown sugar if we are out), lots of cinnamon, dried fruit, pecans or walnuts, chia seeds, and/or ground flax meal.  I also like a dash of milk, almond milk, or butter on mine.  By the time I add all that yumminess, oatmeal has been elevated into from a blob of grey porridge to a very appetizing breakfast.

Keep these delicious breakfasts in your weekly rotation, and you’ll always have something healthy and satisfying to start your day.

Even if you repeat these same five breakfasts every week, you can change up how you prepare your eggs, keep your fruits seasonal, and try out different muffin recipes (pumpkin, blueberry, chocolate chip) to keep things interesting.  You can even try out different oatmeal toppings depending on what you have on hand–it can really be as simple or as fancy as you like.

Save the pancakes, waffles, and more complex egg recipes for the weekend.  (Make extra waffles and freeze them for a weekday treat!) Or use those recipes for dinner. 🙂

Do you have some favorite breakfast recipes that get you out the door quickly?  Feel free to share below!

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